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Photo Repair and Reconstruction

To CD and DVD  

   LP's (33 1/3 RPM), 45 RPM, and 78 RPM Records, Cassettes, Microcassettes, and Reel to Reel 1/4" Open Tape, can be converted to MP3 format on CD.  The results will depend on the state of the media being converted.  Sound cleaning (pops, clicks, hiss, & hum filtering) is performed on all orders at no extra charge.  Other sound adjustment may also be possible.  All our CD's and DVD's are produced with custom labeling.  

CD-R, DVD-R and cassette tape copies produced. 

Photos and 35mm Slides (SLR type)/Transparencies/Negatives are converted to Photo CD or DVD albums in a power point type presentation, with custom labeling and music or other audio recording of your choice as a background.  Slides, transparencies, and negatives can be converted to hardcopy prints.  Photos may be reduced or enlarged to other sizes up to 8x10 and repaired depending on the condition of the original.  The above can be placed on a thumb or travel drive provided by the client.

Real Estate "Home for Sale" disks produced in power point from photos of the inside and outside views of the home and much more and custom labeling using the front view of the home or other image of your choice.  Also, choose appropriate sound as a background while the power point presentation performs.

This allows potential buyers to vividly recall those special homes you want to sell.

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